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Welcome to the Princess' healing website for Pain Princesses and Pain Princes around the globe.

So glad you could make it, here at The Princess in the Tower you can learn and share techniques, about your pain and condition(s); hopefully find comfort and receive support; view videos about potentially healing treatments and information on chronic pain and; and keep in touch. I am adding as many tips and techniques as princessly possible, to help your life with pain be a whole lot easier and you a lot happier ta boot. I encourage you to connect with other pain patients worldwide (on the Guest Book & Facebook page), building a plethora of positive methods for our growing community of princesses [and princes] to live - and cope - with chronic pain.

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This website is dedicated to increasing awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, formerly known as Dystrophy or , particularly long-term CRPS/RSD, which is so rarely spoken of. Most focus on RSD of 3 to 9-12 months that is still treatable with hope of remission. Long-term RSD is where the patient has had the condition for over that time frame, sometimes as long as decades have passed.

While this is one focus, I hope to help as many people with
chronic pain as possible

There is also healing support for fibromyalgia patients at the Princess in the Tower. Our aim is to keep sharing healing and chronic tips, while maintaining a happier outlook. Check back often to learn about new contributions to our site. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Contact Us section of the site. The Princess is here to help, bring comfort and healing, even if it's healing of the spirit, we hope you enjoy your stay.

The website is being updated regularly so check back often. There will also be  interviews with experts in everything from chronic pain management to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) on the site's completion.

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A good starting point for carers and friends would be to read the two letters written by chronic pain patients here.

To prevent getting CRPS/RSD:


Research shows that it can help to prevent CRPS/RSD from developing

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DISCLAIMER: This site is for general information and much-needed support to the hidden community of chronic pain patients. I am not a Medical Professional but do live with systemic CRPS (since 1999) and fibromyalgia (since 2004), so have a good understanding of the issues of life with chronic pain and particularly these conditions. I also hold a in Pharmacology & Pain Control.Information here is to be used as a guide only and before trying any treatments always consult your GP and/or Specialist.